NDI Audio Gateway


STD 4 Channels
MAX 16 Channels
PRO 64 Channels
Number of Channels
Brand: Avixas

NDI Audio Gateway is a professional software converter that will interface between your local devices and the NDI® network. NDI Audio Gateway will convert to and from ASIO (Windows and macOS), Core Audio (macOS) and ALSA (Linux) devices to and from NDI® network audio sources.

NDI Audio Gateway can send and receive up to 64 channels of uncompressed audio on your network with low bandwidth requirements and no synchronization clock required.

NDI Audio Gateway can work in two modes: One-way and Two-way mode. In One-way you can receive audio from your audio device and send it as an NDI stream, or you can receive an NDI stream and send to a local audio device. In Two-way mode or duplex, you will send and receive audio from a single audio device. NDI Audio Gateway also works with Dante through Dante Virtual Soundcard.